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Amazing Hyperkin SupaBoy S Handheld Console Review

supaboy s review

Welcome to another Gaming Gadgets article which in this post we will do the Hyperkin Supaboy S Handheld Console Review. Supaboy S Portable console which is a handheld console and includes right and left shoulder buttons. A slick design as well as shoulder buttons it as D-Pad and buttons to replica the Super Nintendo SNES look.

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hyperkin supaboy s review

The SupaBoy S portable Pocket console is ideal to play your favorite top SNES games on this handheld device. Allowing 2 players on the SupaBoy handheld console, which can also be played on a Television screen. It has a built-in 4.3 inch LCD Screen, and it allows you to play SNES original cartridges in this handheld Supaboy.

This is similar to the other article we recently wrote on the Hyperkin SmartBoy review. They are making many great devices which enable the retro fans to blast back to the past with the favorite retro consoles and games.

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Hyperkin Supaboy S Handheld Console Features

hyperkin subaboy s features

The Hyperkin SupaBoy S Handheld console as many features which makes this stand out from the previous model. New larger 4.3-inch screen with a much better quality and contrast for better gameplay. You can also switch from PAL to NTSC in an instant. What I also love about this console is that Hyperkin as made this product so you can play Super Nintendo cartridges on this handheld device. It can play any multi-regional gaming cartridges with the use of the PAL to NTSC switch.

So if you have any SNES Game cartridges lying around you can stop them gathering dust and put them to good use. Play them on the SupaBoy any game anytime. Clear speaker giving crystal clear audio which includes a 3.5 mm headphone jack. On the top left is a Micro USB charging slot, enabling you to charge the device up.

Underneath there are brightness settings where you can firmly adjust the screen settings also option to turn off the screen. On the top right there is also an AV output so you can link this gaming gadget to your television set using AV output and wires.

  • New larger 4.3″ screen
  • PAL + NTSC Switch
  • Play your SNES and Super Famicom games – Also any Super Nintendo game cartridge.
  • Crystal clear speaker audio, including a 3.5 mm headphone jack
  • 2 player – use your original SNES controllers. Which we will explain furthermore below.

Hyperkin SupaBoy S 2 Player Feature

Hyperkin SupaBoy S Handheld Console

This Supaboy is an awesome device which allows you to play SNES games on this handheld device. Better still it as 2 ports at the front to use your SNES Controllers for a 2 player game. The interface and design which is very slick well designed to make the look and feel of the original Super Nintendo look. Hyperkin Supaboy S Handheld Console supports the 2 player feature bringing you and the family entertainment.

So have a gathering with friends, dig out your old SNES controllers if you have any. Just hook up the SupaBoy to your television set and plug the controllers in and play your old SNES cartridges. Have fun playing Mario Kart or other 2 player games on the Hyperkin SupaBoy.

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Original SNES Controllers

SNES original controllers

  • 2 replacement controllers for SNES Console
  • Four fire buttons, two top triggers, directional pad, select and start buttons
  • Good response and feel – compatible with all Super Nintendo models

If you do not have any controllers or need new SNES controllers you can actually still buy these. Amazon does these very cheap that is where I got my controllers from and they work great in the Hyperkin SupaBoy. We thought we should mention these controllers in this Hyperkin Supaboy S Handheld Console review because they work perfectly for the device.

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The Hyperkin SupaBoy S Console is ideal for the perfect retro gaming fan out there. Bring back the memories without a time machine needed by getting this excellent gaming gadget. This is a very cool gadget, if you still have the old SNES cartridges then you can use these on this very device. So is the SupaBoy S worth buying, in my view after reviewing this product then yes this is an excellent gadget for gaming?

Play your favorite titles such as Super Mario All-Stars to even Mario Kart and Super Bomberman. I would like to thank you for reading this article, feel free to check out our other posts and you may be interested in the Sega Genesis Classic Game Console Review. Thank you for reading Hyperkin SupaBoy S Handheld Console Review.

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