Holy Stone HS230 FPV Racing Drone Review

holy stone hs230 FPV review

Holy Stone really came through with creating one of the best drones in the market. It is well demonstrated with all its feature and specs that the Holy Stone HS230 FPV Racing Drone is a well-built top of the line drone. Before I begin to explain in detail about all of its features and qualities I’m going to let you know what you will receive when you purchase one of this for an affordable price.

Depending on where you decide to obtain the Holy Stone HS230 FPV Racing Drone the price varies. It generally ranges from $160 to $230. So make sure to do your homework when you are trying to locate the most affordable price for you.

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Holy Stone HS230 FPV Opening The Package

So when you receive the package and you open this is everything you are going see.

Package List

  • 1 x HS230 Quadcopter
  • 1 x Transmitter
  • 2 x 3.7V 750mAh Li-Po Batteries for Drone
  • 1 x 3.7V 450mAh AA Battery for Transmitter
  • 8 x Spare Propellers
  • 4 x Spare Propeller Caps
  • 1 x 4GB TF Card (this is already installed inside the camera)
  • 1 x Card Reader
  • 2 x USB Chargers for Drone
  • 1 x USB Charger for Transmitter
  • 4 x Additional Screws
  • 1 x Screwdriver
  • 1 x User Manual

So, in other words, you will receive all the required necessities you need to be able to enjoy and experience your drone.
Now that you are aware of everything you are going to receive in the package lets dive into the details and specs of the drone and I will demonstrate to you the great quality it brings to the table.

Camera Specs

holy stone hs230 camera specs

Let’s begin with the quality of the camera and its feature.

The camera features:

  • 1280 x 720P
  • FOV 120° Wide-angle
  • Max Video Bitrate: 25Mbps.
  • 5.8GHz Analog Signal

If you don’t quite understand all those numbers and words let me explain it to you in a simple way.
It pretty much means it can capture a high-quality HD image as well as a high-quality HD live video.

So if you are recording a video and your drone is on the move you won’t have to worry about either going too slow or too fast. The camera would be able to capture a high-quality video at any speed the drone is moving at.
It has the capability of capturing a wide angle picture from various different angles which is great for taking landscape pictures or a beautiful scenery.

You are also able to do a panoramic view to obtain a beautiful all around the crisp image.
So just to recap on all of the camera’s features it has an excellent camera that can provide you with satisfaction to all your picture taking or video recording. So you won’t have to be worried about not capturing a critical moment with this beautifully designed camera.

Although I just mentioned all of these exquisite characteristics of the Holy Stone HS230 FPV Racing Drone camera that is not what it is really known for.

If you don’t know what it is really meant for you could figure it out by just focusing and reading the name of it.
It is called the Holy Stone HS230 FPV Racing Drone.
The last 2 words are what gives it away “racing drone”. It was built for speed and maneuvering and leaving other drones behind for dust. Now I’m going to tell you how it is able to achieve that.

Body Specs

holy stone hs230 design
The Holy Stone HS230 FPV Racing Drone is clearly one of the best drones in the market for the unbelievable speeds it could reach.

It is a quadcopter and it has 6 built-in axis gyros, plus with only weighing about 2.1 pounds it is more than suitable to take off and leave everything behind in its dust.


Fast Acceleration and Speed

holy stone hs230 fast
It has different levels of speed you could practice on until you have mastered the control of one of the best racing drones. You could go from low, medium, and high. If you are a beginner or new to the drone world I recommend starting at low so you could get the hang of it and comfortable flying the best racing drone out there, but once you have become a master or experienced enough to fly at high speed it’s a whole other story.

The Holy Stone HS230 FPV Racing Drone comes built with some powerful motors which allow you to have a quick acceleration and being able to reach the top speed of 45km/h within just seconds. Also to add even more value to the amazing specs of the best drone.

The Holy Stone HS230 FPV Racing Drone has a fluent and clean drone body which was designed to reduce wind resistance, heighten sensation in the air, and there is no altitude hold.
Which all of this means that flying the best drone gives you an immersive experience letting you fly however you like, you could make sharp turns, dive-ins, fly at angles, plus with all of this you could reach up high to the heavens, there are no restrictions stopping you.

There are no limits to how high you could fly this drone so even if you lose it trying to reach the heavens trying to spy on God don’t worry he will probably return it back to you. In addition to all of those features, you could operate the Holy Stone HS230 FPV Racing Drones in headless mode and with 360 rolls.

All that meaning that when you are flying in the headless mode the drone will orient itself to be aligned with your controller in which it will make it easier to control and fly it around. The 360 rolls will allow you to show off your flying skills to your friend. By pressing one simple button you could make your drone fly in a complete 360 circle and continue flying with no turbulence or inconvenience. If all of these amazing quality and features haven’t shocked you in how amazing and well built this drone is I don’t know what will.

Battery Life

Holy Stone HS230 FPV
To add just a bit of icing to the top of the cake the Holy Stone FPV RACING DRONE comes with 2 powerful modular batteries meaning you could enhance the battery lifespan of the best drone to about 20 minutes without taking any breaks in between. Letting you enjoy your quality time while flying around exploring the world around you.

And when you run out of battery you could simply put it to charge and it will be fully charged in about 45-60 minutes.
So while you wait to get back to the sky you could enjoy a snack and you won’t even notice the time go by. Check the latest Amazon UK price here and if you are not in the UK you check the latest Amazon.com Price here.

Definitely Recommend Getting The Holy Stone FPV RACING DRONE

All of these qualities of the drones give you the opportunity to destroy any other drones out there in a race.
With everything I have explained it should have opened your eyes to be able to see for yourself that all of the quality and features of the best drone is totally worth it and recommended. So if you are wise you would highly consider the Holy Stone HS230 FPV Racing Drone to show off to your friends and be known with the best drone in town. You may also like our Holy Stone HS200 FPV RC Drone Review here.

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