Is Amazon fire TV stick worth it

Is amazon fire TV stick worth it

In this review on Tech Gamery, we will really see is Amazon fire TV stick worth it. The Amazon TV Stick is a 1080p media player which allows you to watch and view online services such as Netflix. These day’s everything is online, forget the old days of renting movies from blockbuster or your video rental store around the corner. Let us dive right into this article and see what all the fuss is about the Amazon Fire TV stick.

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Amazon Fire TV Stick Review

The Amazon fire TV stick is an excellent device when it comes to technology which allows you to stream online movies or your favorite shows. This is ideal for those who watch and use Netflix or any other online streaming video services. So whether you are wanting to watch YouTube videos on your television to your favorite shows like the walking dead, or any form of TV catch up.

Then this little device can keep you entertained for hours. Not much as changed since the previous model of the Amazon fire tv stick apart from a few features. It still as the same resolution of 1080p, what I did like about the Amazon Fire TV stick that it pairs fairly easily with other devices like Amazon Echo. This device is easy to set up just like you see in the image below, all it takes is placing the Amazon stick into your television. Once you this plugged into the television next you need to plug a USB lead into the stick and connect to plug outlet.

is amazon fire tv sticl worth it

Amazon Fire TV Stick Remote

The remote control which comes with the Amazon fire is small and lightweight. Not many buttons which is a good thing, you do not want that many buttons as this can also be operated with Alexa voice commands. Apart from the 6 buttons at the bottom were the same as Amazon Fires previous edition.

The remote is easy to use with fast scrolling when using the directional pad on the top. This is great for when scrolling through to find your favorite TV shows and find them easily at ease. The new addition on this remote is the voice icon at the top of the remote. This will allow you to activate Alexa which will allow you to find shows more at ease.


Why Get Amazon Fire TV

Amazon Fire TV Stick is worth it if you are not wanting to sign up for television cable or satellite subscriptions. Such as Virgin Media, Sky Digital and Freeview services what you can also purchase. Well, there is no need for any of that as the Amazon Fire TV does that and maybe a few more extra features. You can record live TV, Pause, Rewind just like you can with all the digital brands out there and Freeview plus boxes. This is well worth thinking about investing your money into purchasing one they have dropped in price a lot over a year or two.


How come my Amazon Fire TV remote won’t work?

Try holding down the home button or if a newer device then use the down button. Hold it down for about 5 to 10 seconds, this will re-pair the devices and it should start to work again.

Is there a monthly fee for amazon fire stick?

There is no monthly fee, once you have purchased this item you do not have to pay anything else out. The only time you pay monthly fees is if you use Netflix, but you pay Netflix if you subscribe to this. Amazon, however, no fee no subscriptions.

Does the amazon fire stick have youtube?

At one point YouTube was on the Amazon stick but as from January 1st, 2018, the YouTube app will no longer be available on the Amazon fire tv stick. Because Google is not very happy with Amazon due to not allowing Google to sell their products on the app store of Amazon.

Is amazon fire TV stick worth it – Conclusion

If you are looking for a great bargain, then you have definitely found one here with the Amazon fire tv stick. Super-fast functions with faster menu scrolling and now also voice-activated control. Amazon as implemented Alexa voice control into the remote control giving you much more faster access to all the menus and your favorite TV shows. So is Amazon fire TV stick worth it? In my opinion yes it is worth it and I do actually highly recommend it and was a pleasure to review it here on Tech GameryCheck the latest price here on

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