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Sega genesis classic game console review

Sega genesis classic game console review

Time to revisit time to the 90’s with this cool gaming contraption is known as sega genesis classic game console. Sit back and relax as we take you back through time as we also discuss the history of SEGA. Also, sega genesis classic game console review about the device which as 81 built-in games and allows you to play the retro classic on your television. We will review the Sega Genesis game console and also other similar Sega consoles even handheld.

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The Sega Genesis classic game console which comes with 2 gamepad controllers inside the box. After the many years of silence of SEGA and now they have resurrected. Even tho they went quiet for a while some could still play the Sega games on the PC with an emulator program. You can even these day’s play SEGA Mega Drive games online for free. This is a really good website because it has some good Sega mega drive games like Sonic the Hedgehog to Alex Kidd and many more.

SEGA Genesis Classic Game Console

Sega genesis classic game console review

1 The Sega Genesis classic game console comes included with top SEGA games which are built-in to this system. Which includes some of the following games Sonic the Hedgehog series, Virtual Fighter 2, Mortal Kombat 1, 2 and 3 even Altered Beast.

2 It has 81 Genesis Games which are built-in to the console with Stereo sound and 2 wired controllers.

3 Blast from the past with the retro Sega Genesis. Great for SEGA fans out there who loves the Mega Drive (Genesis).

Firstly, let us take a look at the Sega Genesis Classic Console, this is £57.92 which you can check here on Which for what you get is not a bad price at all compared to some of the other gaming retro classics. Another thing is with this retro device is it says you get all the classics but you basically just get about 40 of the classics. The other 40, 41 is just some added bonuses which I did not like at all here at cool gadgets.

Surely, that is the whole point in purchasing a Sega Genesis classic device is to actually be able to play all your classics surely right. This so far as to be one of the cheapest between this and the Sega Genesis Flashback console which you will see the review for the flashback console in a moment.

The controllers are keeping the same design with the Genesis 6 button controllers. You get 2 controllers so you and a friend can play because it is more fun to play with friends.

Especially with some of the games on this console like Mortal Kombat 1, 2 and 3. The golden Axe games which are on this little device, which is a classic game to play even the streets of rage games I still play those games today.




  • Excellent classic retro gaming from the past
  • Play Genesis classic games on this spacious little unit.
  • Allows members to play with friends with 2 gaming ports for the 2 gamepads which come with this.


  • Does not feel very sturdy when holding
  • Can play your own cartridges but not all the cartridges
  • Does not support HDMI – You have to use to pin wires Image quality poor.

Check it here to see the current price over at Amazon now…

Arcade Classic Sega Mega Drive Flashback Wireless Mini HD Console 

Arcade Classic Sega Mega Drive Flashback Wireless Mini HD Console 

  • Play 85 built-in games
  • 2x 2.4GHz 2 wireless 6 button controllers
  • AC Power adapter
  • Compatible with wired controllers
  • Play your old Mega Drive Game cartridges
  • HDMI Cable to allow the unit to Run in HD
  • Instructions manual sheet.

Featuring some of the top classics Sonic the Hedgehog 1, 2, 3 and more of the series. Mortal Kombat 1, 2 and 3, Altered Beast and many more…

Secondly, is the Sega Mega Drive Flashback wireless mini HD console, which is better than the one we just looked at.

The only thing which is not better is the price of this item, which is £75.99 over here on you can check.

The item is pretty light in weight, rubber feet at the bottom of the console to stop the device rolling around, it is also a 16-bit console with the design basically more or less staying the same well very close to the original Sega Genesis (Mega Drive System).

The controllers have 6 buttons which take 2 AAA Batteries, you do have to use a screwdriver to open the battery door. We do recommend to use a wired controller as they seem to work a lot faster than the wireless ones.

When you first fire up and start you Sega flashback it will give you a menu on the left-hand side:

  • Alphabetical – This will allow you to search for any of your favorite games much easier.
  • My Favorites – Where you can save games as your favorites which will store at this location.
  • Recently Played – Showing the games which you have more recently played.
  • Sega Games – Just basically a menu with all the Sega games
  • Sonic Games – All the Sonic games in one place which is ideal as everyone loves Sonic.
  • Bonus Games – Just some extra games thrown in, when I tried this I was not keen at all on any of the titles in this menu. My opinion for you as the player, stick to the sega classics that is why we purchased this item right.
  • Cartridge Games – Your game cartridges if you have any.
  • About – Information about the product.

Playing The Games

mega drive flashback playing the games

When playing any of these Arcade Classic Sega Mega Drive flashback games, you can hit the start button and a menu will pop up. You can Save your game – which to me is a life saver, remember the old retro console when we played our favorite titles got so far and had to turn off.

Yes, all our hard work is gone. Well with the save feature menu you can actually save your progress. You can also load games, the only thing you can’t do with the wired controller if you are using one is rewind feature.

You can use the rewind feature if you are using the wireless controller which is awesome. Comes in handy if you are for example; playing sonic and you accidentally jump at the wrong time and die or doing the emerald mission and just missed it. Rewind and try again which is a really cool feature on this device.

Maybe you want something a little more portable even more so play on the go. Well, take a look at our next item on the agenda.


  • The overall sound is improved immensely then the previous SEGA models
  • Great design, light in weight and easy to store away
  • Great collection of games, and allows you to play your Sega Cartridges as well.


  • Crappy bonus games which they have really used just for marketing purposes.
  • Slow at times menu navigation – When using the wireless controllers (Plays better with wired).
  • Again games lag when using Wireless controllers.

Check it out the current price Amazon now

Arcade Ultimate Sega Portable 80 Games Sonic 25th Anniversary Edition Console Review

Arcade Ultimate Sega Portable 80 Games Sonic 25th Anniversary Edition Console Review

  • 80 games you can play on the go
  • Handheld portable Sega Device
  • Rechargeable battery included – With Mini USB cable to Charge it up (5 hours battery life).
  • Classic Sega Games such as Ecco, Streets of Rage, Sonic the Hedgehog classics, Alex Kidd, Altered Beast and many more.
  • SD Card slot with Internet games downloads feature.
  • Instructions manual.

Finally, The Arcade ultimate sega portable 80 games Sonic 25th Anniversary Edition Console. This portable game player is much cheaper than the other 2 we mentioned but this is a handheld device at £49.95 free delivery over at Amazon here

This is a handheld device which also as connection enabling you to hook up this device to your television set using an AV cable. On the top, there is an SD card slot to place in your SD card if you have one as you do not get this included. Next to it is a volume control dial to turn your device up/down. Mini USB cable slot for you to charge the arcade ultimate sega portable up, also an AV out for the use of the cable to hook up to the TV. The control layout is actually a lot similar to the SEGA controller, at the bottom, there is a headphone jack hole and the on/off switch.

When you switch it on the main menu will appear, also when you use the D-pad to scroll through it uses sound effects. Use the menu of games, scroll down to play one you would like to play when selecting you will notice the speed in the game. When I first tried this I never had any bad experience in lagging or choppy parts in the game. There is a lot of good quality classics on this device from the Alex Kidd, Ecco and we enjoyed playing the altered beast and Mortal Kombat.


  • You can take this device with you on the go and play on the bus or long journeys.
  • Over 5 hours of battery life.
  • You can even connect this up to your television set with the use of an AV cable.
  • You can also save your progression in the game to come back to later.


  • AV cables not included, this would have been ideal.
  • Also, the SD card not included: Which is not too bad as many people have SD cards anyway.

Check it out now on Amazon.


If you are wanting to bring back the good old days then this is the device for you. The control pads will take a bit of getting used to and you will have to try out some cartridges of your own to see what works and what doesn’t. Apart from that then this device the Sega Genesis classic game console brings back the fond memories from the 80’s. If you want to read about the handheld SNES device then check our SupaBoy S Handheld device review.

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