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SNES Nintendo Classic Mini Console Review

SNES Nintendo Classic Mini Console

Since the Super Nintendo back in 1992 which sadly become discontinued in September 2003, which fans were saddened by. But hey, it has made a comeback but in miniature form, the SNES Nintendo Classic Mini Console brings the original classic back to life. Join us in this SNES Nintendo classic mini console review where we will review the product and give you detail about it before you decide to buy.

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Are you a fan of old retro style gaming, maybe love the Nintendo series with the SNES at home when you were younger playing Mario Kart. want to know more about the SNES Nintendo classic mini console in this review let us go into detail.

The Design

SNES Nintendo Classic Mini Console review

The Nintendo Classic mini console SNES as a great look about it and is similar to the original design. The only thing which is different is that it does not allow you to play your own SNES game cartridges like the SupaBoy. There is also another version to the Nintendo Mini Classic and that is the Nintendo Mini Classic Console NES version.

This SNES version is also very much similar to the NES mini design and appearance. Which also with this version you cannot also use your old SNES game cartridges. You can use cartridges with some of the Hyperkin products like the SupaBoy which is a handheld version of Super Nintendo SNES.

This Nintendo Mini Classic Console SNES fits in the palm of your hand like the other device the NES Nintendo classic miniature. On the top of this console as a reset and power switches, a fake button which is the eject button. “Why on earth would you put an eject button”. Yeah surely to replica the machine but this device you can’t play cartridges in this console. The old display method with the crappy ariel connector is scrapped and replaced with an HDMI cable instead.

This is pointless in our view, the cables from the controllers have improved since the older model. The controller cable length is around 142cm, which is an improvement not much but better than sitting right near the television. The controllers are excellent even tho they may not have the same glossy finish they still work well on this device. You will also get 2 SNES controllers with this classic console device.

SNES Nintendo Classic Mini Console Games

snes nintendo classic mini console games

When you first switch on the Classic console you will be represented with a menu of games like the NES mine. You can use the directional D-pad on the controller to select any of the games on the list.

On the games menu, it shows recently played games, publisher and also the release date of the game. There are many of the great classic games you can play from Zelda to Mario Kart and also Streetfighter to Super Mario World.

Every time we had to change games we had to use the reset button on the console to change games. Why don’t these companies think first why can’t they think about allowing the player to use the controller to switch from game to game? Instead, you should be able to use the controller to press start and then quit. Oh no with this you got to reset all the time on the console its self. Having said that, that is mainly the only issue we have with this console having to reset when wanting to change the game to a different one.

What is good about the SNES Nintendo mini classic console is that it also comes with two controllers enabling you to play multiplayer games. Grab your controllers and battle it out on Streetfighter or Mario Kart, Mario Kart is awesome on multiplayer racing around dropping banana skins haha.

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We preferred the controllers and the cables on the SNES version of the Nintendo Classic Mini than the NES version as it is much longer. Also, you get two controllers and they are very easy to use meaning you can play with friends giving you multiplayer options.

With not many games the SNES Mini still performs pretty well offering the essential retro gamer some great classics. The top Classics such as Super Mario World, Mario Kart and Star Fox 2 which are great classics.


The most annoying part while we tried this console out was the reset each time we wanted to change games. The style is excellent even tho there is a fake eject button which doesn’t do anything. But why would it do anything when you can’t even use cartridges so there really is nothing to eject.

Also, the panel covering the control ports is a devil in disguise, this is rather a little silly and pointless. Having to remove this to plug in your controllers is ridiculous. This does not save time at all it is just a fake cover to make it look like you can place an original SNES controller into it.

Apart from the cons, this is actually a great miniature console, it is just the minor details which is more than a time waste. Apart from that, we have had no problems, this is a fun-filled entertainment system for the family.

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This is a great old retro classic coming back from the dead, the miniature SNES which is the Nintendo Mini Classic Console. This offers great fun for friends and the family just like the original Super Nintendo Entertainment System. With 21 games built-in to this little machine offers still some of the top classics you will still remember from back in the 90’s. No Ariels needed it is HDMI capable and comes with the HDMI cable, USB leads, and controllers. This is an excellent console for retro gamers to consider getting. We do hope you enjoyed our SNES Nintendo Classic Mini Console review if you didn’t read our Nintendo Classic Mini Console NES version check it here.

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