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State of Decay 2 Review

state of decay 2 review

State of Decay was a pretty fun game where you had the opportunity to explore a large world and survive in front of various types of zombies and attacks. But it lacked something. And that something was multiplayer. A game where you have a team and you need to stay alive doesn’t really work in singleplayer that well. And State of Decay 2 wants to make the first game’s experience better, more expansive and interesting. But does it succeed?

Just like the first game, State of Decay 2 is open world and you have a nice third person view that makes the gameplay more intense and unique. This time around, there are a lot more regions in the game, some of which are very difficult to access and living there can be a problem. You see, each region has a different type of zombie that will reside there, in some situations they can be very dangerous.

But then again some places will be very easy to visit, others will be at the top of the mountain. So there’s definitely a lot of shifts when it comes to vegetation, location, fortification options and so on. Every character is randomly generated, but you do have the ability to put some changes and make it your own. Plus, you will have traits that determine your behaviour and personality, they added around 1200 traits in total.

The interesting thing with State of Decay 2 is that you can actively choose what survivor you want to play and shift from one of them to the next. This type of idea is cool, it offers lots of opportunities and it also removes the sense of stale gameplay that can appear from time to time with games like this.

Boosting your skills

The skills in this game are nice, and a good thing is that they come naturally. If you sprint, you increase your stamina. If you do melee combat you boost your fighting skills and so on. Once you get to hit some specific levels, you get to boost your skills to the point where you can select certain specializations. And that makes the game more fun and rewarding, mainly because you are in control and you will be super excited to enjoy the entire experience the way you want to.

Since the areas offered in this game are huge, you are always in control where you want to set up a camp. The zombies are pretty aggressive in the game. In fact, while we played we always had some zombies come by at least once a few minutes. So it does take a little while to set up a camp, as you will have to defend it most of the time. But then again, that’s the thing that people want from a zombie game, to deal with situations like these, so it does make a lot of sense to at least check these out and see how you can adapt to and deal with all these challenges!

Stealth is your best option

Although you can play with guns blazing, the game seems to be at its best when you use stealth. And that’s ok if you think about it. No one will really go with guns in front and kill everything in front of them if this would happen in real life. It makes a lot of sense to play State of Decay 2 in a stealthy mode, but then again it removes some of the fun you get from mass killing zombies.

We do like the fact that different types of zombies need a different approach. You have to pay a lot of attention and care and you have to figure out how to kill them properly. Making noise is a major mistake in the game, as it will attract the zombies towards you. So you really want to stay away from stuff like that as much as you can, otherwise, it can be a major issue to deal with.

However, aside from those ideas, the combat is repetitive. You will end up doing most of the same stuff all the time. There’s no real reason to vary your attacks, you just find a set of attacks that work for you and then you can spam that for as much as you can. The real way you want to play is via stealth, and that also comes with its fair share of limitations. The idea is to always try and push the boundaries as much as possible because once you do that the outcome can be really nice in the end.


That being said, it’s nice to finally see multiplayer. Even if the combat can be bland, the reality is that playing with friends will make you overcome that. It just makes the experience so much better, just because you get to always be in control and play the way you really want to. Stuff like this is what makes a game so good, and it definitely offers some outstanding ideas for you to explore.

They also don’t offer some clear directions. This means you will be left to find out how some items work and why you want to use them in the first place. Some people like this kind of challenge, but others don’t want it, they just want to play the game with friends and have fun.

Also, they put a lot of focus on the idea of grinding for resources and crafting stuff. That’s a really good idea for a lot of people, but it also gets boring at times. That doesn’t mean the game is not fun. Far from that.
State of Decay 2 is the type of game that shines a lot in multiplayer, but it can also be quite good in singleplayer too. The game balance is a bit off, yet the fact that you have great visuals, lots of content to go through and a larger world is a major plus. And it really helps a lot when it comes to making State of Decay 2 the best zombie survival experience launched this year!

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State of Decay 2 best base location cascade hills

state of decay 2 best base location cascade hills

If you are wanting and looking for one of the best locations to set up base in Cascade hills then head for the bridge fort. This is one of the best locations on Cascade hills and is located near the bridge at the river.

The only thing about the Bridge for that it has 3 parking spaces but also as 2 guard towers and as the extra beds.

Which is ideal if you have more community members. If you want this as a base you do only need 500 Influence points and additionally 4 survivors. So if you do have a small community of 4 members this can be the ideal base for you.

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