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Xbox One Hacks You Probably Didn’t Know About

Xbox One Hacks You Probably Didn’t Know About

Xbox One Hacks You probably didn’t know about or existed, Xbox One Hacks for the console and Controller. There are also awesome hacks for achievements and having some fun with the Cortana voice-activated digital assistant. Read on to find out these Xbox One Hacks?

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Xbox Live Gold for All Accounts

If you have more then one profile on your Xbox one may be yours and family members. Now you can share Xbox Live gold with all the members who use your Xbox, this is an awesome feature. So if you already have Xbox Live Gold and for example; Your brother or sister make an Xbox Gamertag up they can share your gold and experience online multiplayer gaming without them buying gold. Most of you most likely already know this but I thought I would mention this anyway.

Game Sharing on Another Xbox One Console

You can actually share your games with other players online for separate consoles. But only do this with members of friends you can truly trust. If you want to play the same game which you don’t have, then you could add there Gamertag on your Console. If they provide you with there login details that is?

So you can play there downloaded games that they have purchased for free. Great way to Boost your gamerscore up, and in return let them add your gamer tag on their console so they can use and download your games. Here is how you do it, this is one of the best Xbox One Hacks:


You will need an Xbox One Console, Obviously!

Someone that trusts you either a friend or family member. You will need there trust in order for them to trust you with there Microsoft Login Details for there Gamertag.

The Procedure

Now all you do is make sure you have your friends account information at the ready.

Turn on your Xbox log out, if it is set to auto login. Then add there account on to your Xbox.

Now set up your Xbox One as Home Console.

Now just download all the games your friend as, that easy and simple. Be sure to let them do this with yours in return. This is a great way if they play a game and you do not have it, then once you download their games make sure you log out and back into your own account. Do not delete their account, now you can play there games and rack up the gamerscore also play the same game as your friend now. I once did this when Friday the 13th was first released on the Xbox One. It is a great way to share your games and your friends and both benefit from your Xbox games.

Free Demos Which Get You Achievements

We all love achievements right? Do you actually thrive off getting achievements is this your main goal. I love playing the games as well of course I do but it’s awesome when the sound notification pops up and you get an achievement. There are some pretty cool achievements out there which you can get one of them is through demos. Yes, that is correct you can actually get achievements for playing demos.

Demos such as Survival Evolved, Dead Rising 4 and Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare. There are many more out there which we will create in our next blog post. Also, some apps you can earn achievements with as well doing daily online tasks.

True achievements app

The True-Achievements is an excellent app and one of the biggest Xbox communities online now available for the Xbox download. This is an awesome app and can give you some free achievements along the way. Some are easy achievements to get and not just that it helps to keep track of your achievements and helps you with insight on how to get achievements on your games.

Many of you may be reading this and thinking “I already know about this” well you might know but not everyone does. This as a huge community on this app and also on their website with a lot of information to help Xbox players and guides. So if you have not already downloaded the app on Xbox One, then download it now on Xbox One marketplace for free.

Xbox One Hacks – Shortcuts Hidden into The Controller

xbox one hacks

Just like a laptop or desktop pc, it comes in handy using quick shortcuts at the press of a button right. Well did you know there are some cool shortcuts hidden into your Xbox One Controller? Let us go straight to these as we show you just how to access these shortcuts. These are some easy Xbox One Hacks which some you may know or not know.

Check games ready for Installation

If you want this shortcut to work please make sure your on the page “Ready to Install”.

Then just press LB+RB+X.

Instantly Refresh Dashboard

You can easily refresh your dashboard by holding down simultaneously LT+RT+Y for a few seconds. Once you have released the buttons it will then refresh your dashboard.

Idle Screen

Hold Xbox button and then press X. This just puts it in idle mode on your screen.

Hidden Menus On Selected Games


Turn Off Your Controller

If you Double press and hold Xbox button your controller will turn off.

Use Your SmartPhone has a remote

Those who have a smartphone which is pretty mostly the majority of you. It is no secret that smartphones have all kinds of apps these days enabling to help with televisions and consoles. You can download apps and turn your mobile phone into a controller.

Also, recommend downloading the Xbox One Smartglass app to your mobile phone from Google Play Store. Download this application on any smartphone or even on your tablets which you can easily control your Xbox with and as many functions. You can use as an Xbox controller or remote for media use which is also available for the iOS systems as well as Android.

When watching sports you can also use this to interact by also voting for teams or players. There is a lot of cool functions this can do, if you do not have it yet please try it download it now it is free. Excellent Useful Xbox One Hacks not as much as a hack but a great resource.

Having Fun With Cortana on Xbox One

Cortana is your very own digital agent, who operates on voice or text commands. You can easily turn on this feature on your Xbox One and start to have fun with straight away. Once you have enabled this cool feature you can interact with Cortana with a series of different commands. You can control your Xbox by saying certain commands just by starting the sentence with “Hey Cortana” then your command. Here are just a few basic commands players normally use then we will give you some to have fun with. But first, if you are not sure how to activate Cortana let us go into this now.

Firstly, you will want to double tap on the Xbox button located on your Xbox One Controller. Then select settings, you then select all settings and then system. You will then see the Cortana settings which you then need to click on by tapping A. Once this is done it will then guide you through an agreement and from there afterward you will reboot your Xbox. Cortana is now Active on your Xbox One, so let us see a few simple basic commands then we will go into some funny ones and very useful ones. This is not much of Xbox One Hacks but it is useful and can be amusing.

Cortana Basic Commands

Start off by Saying “Hey Cortana” to get you started.
Go straight to your Xbox Dashboard by saying “Hey Cortana, go home”  instead of “Xbox go home”
Say “Hey Cortana, open (app or Game name)” or “Hey Cortana, let’s play (GTA)
Say “Hey Cortana, what is (mention Friends name) you can instantly find out what they are doing without pausing your game.
You can also say “Hey Cortana, invite (State Friends Name) to a party. This will invite your friend on Xbox Party chat.

xbox one tricks with cortana

You can also ask Cortana to turn off your Xbox to Cortana reset Xbox. There is much more fun than just the simple basic command. I remember once I was on the headset with friends, I had my Cortana activated and they had there’s on as well. Every time they asked Cortana to do something it actually happened on my screen as well. Try it when your friends are in party chat make sure they have Cortana activated as well. They were asking questions to Cortana and they popped up on my screen. When they released what they were saying to Cortana was happening on my Xbox one as well simultaneously. They tried to play a joke by trying to turn off my Xbox lol. Which they nearly did as well, but they didn’t manage to do it.

There just the simple basic commands on the Xbox One when using the Cortana feature. You can also have some fun with the Cortana by asking “Hey Cortana, tell me a joke“. But it doesn’t stop there we found and tested these following commands to ask Cortana.

Funny Commands and responses

Here is a list we have put together just try some of these to ask Cortana. We won’t tell you the responses just try them for your self.

“Hey Cortana (Replace with a command below)”

Tell me a Joke
What does the Fox Say
Who is your daddy
I love You
Do an Impression
Do an Impersonation
Use the Force
Beat Me up Scotty
What is best Xbox One or PlayStation
Say Something Funny
You’re sexy
Shut up

There are so many commands, just play around with it. Yeah, some of them are silly but if your bored or feel down this will cheer you up. If you don’t have an Xbox One and want one with great deals or the best bundles. Then check here for See how much current price is for Xbox One S 1TB Starter bundle. Please comment if you feel I have missed something out, from time to time I will be coming back to this article and add more Xbox One Hacks.

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